Buying a Water Pump for Your Brisbane Business

Brisbane water pumps

Assessing the factors to consider when buying a water pump for your Brisbane business can save you time and money.

Companies that are not prepared with accurate data about what is needed for their operations run the risk of not getting enough water and thus, damaging their business.

This post discusses some important considerations that should be made when purchasing a water pump for your business.

What is a water pump?

A water pump is a motor that pumps water from one place to another. It does this by converting the low pressure of the atmosphere into high pressure steam and/or compressed air.

A steam pump is a direct drive type of pump, where the steam is directly pumped out of the boiler without any piping or valves necessary.

The advantage of this kind of pump is its rapid start up, typically in less than 40 seconds.

Water Pumps For Brisbane Businesses:

The requirements for a water pump are similar to the evaluations a business runs for any investment. The main purpose of the water pump is to take water to the area where it is needed.

Normal water pressure in a building can vary from as little as 30 psi up to 1500 psi. Therefore, it is important that the water pump chosen is capable of handling all of this pressure.

Factors to consider when choosing the correct type, size etc for the water pump required:

1. Pressure range:

This is how much pressure the pump will be working at in your building. If the building has low water requirements, then you can choose a small water pump which will be able to handle this and still have enough water flow to meet your needs.

If the water need is higher, then you can choose a larger capacity water pump which should be able to handle the higher pressure required without causing other problems.

2. Power supply:

The power supply that you choose will also be a big factor in your purchasing decision. Basically, the choices are petrol-driven, diesel-driven, electric and solar powered.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each and Walker Environmental can advise you on the best choice.

As with any investment decision, you need to consider the initial cost, the ongoing operating costs, the fitness for purpose and the environment (purchasing an electric water pump requires an electricity supply where you are going to use it – the others are mobile).

3. Size:

The size of the water pump is perhaps the most important factor when choosing one. The size of the water pump will determine how much water will be pumped at one time and how quickly it will be able to accomplish that job.

4. How long the pump will last:

This is another big factor that you should consider when choosing your pump. You would not want to purchase a water pump only to find out that it does not have a long operational life, so it is important that you evaluate this for yourself before making a purchase.

5. Price of the Water Pump.

The price of the water pump will also be something to think about when deciding which one to purchase.

There are many factors that play into the pricing of a water pump; Walker Environmental can help you to compare the different options to see which one gives you an appropriately sized water pump for the least amount of money.

6. Ease of installation:

It is important that you consider how long it will take for the water pump to be installed.

If you are in a smaller building with limited space, then a smaller but highly efficient water pump may be the most convenient choice.

7. Recommended use:

This is an important factor that should also be taken into consideration when choosing your water pump.

You would not want to purchase a water pump that is meant for use in your house and then find out that it was not capable of working properly in your business.

Therefore, it is important to check with the manufacturer how best this water pump can be used in your building to get the most efficient performance out of the pump.

8. Warranty:

A warranty should also be considered when purchasing any product and you should examine carefully the warranty that is offered.

A warranty will guarantee that the product will work for a certain amount of time and provide you with peace of mind that it is a good investment.

9. Local Expertise / Service:

It is important to use local experts like Walker Environmental. We can offer training on the use of the water pump. Perhaps even more important, because we are local, we can meet your needs quickly – vital in an emergency.

Water Pumps are an essential part of any business. There are many different types and makes of water pumps available in today’s market, which makes it hard for people to decide which one to purchase without expert advice. Walker Environmental can provide that local expertise.

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