Ormeau Water Pump Buying Guide

It is important to select the correct size water pump for the job in your area of Ormeau. The first thing you need to consider is the flow rate required and the pressure needed.

If the water is pumped at too low a pressure, you will not achieve the required flow rate.

How much water is required?

The flow rate of a tap is determined by its size. For example, a large tap can supply water at up to 40 litres per minute while a small tap can only supply 10 litres per minute.
Some common applications can be found below.

• Smaller cottages and week-enders which could use a kitchen tap and a shower at the same time would benefit from a pump with a maximum flow rate of 25 litres per minute.
• Houses of an average size in Ormeau may use just two taps, the toilet and the shower. The maximum flow rate required for a typical household water pump is around 35 litres per minute.
• A larger home would need four tap combinations so 50 litres per minute is recommended.
• A larger home with two bathrooms needs a water pump able to deliver 70 litres per minute, so a household pump of this size should be suitable.
• Large family homes that need up to seven taps should look to a household pump that is rated at 90 litres per minute or above
You need to determine the required flow rate to make sure the flow rate you are looking for is achieved.

How much pressure is needed?

If you use a tank that is a fair distance from your house, you might have to add extra pressure to the tank. The pressure you require in the tank is usually given a contingency by adding 10% to the pressure you think you need.

A single storey Ormeau residential property can be provided with water pressure of up to 300kpa. For multi storey buildings, water pressure requirements may need to be in excess of 500kpa.

Which type of pump would you prefer?

There are many options when it comes to choosing household water pumps, such as multi- stage, variable speed, jet, submersible and more. A brief description of each will help you decide which type will best suit your needs.

• Multistage pumps are used in homes and other buildings that require a medium to large flow of water.

These pumps are highly efficient, and are the most popular in the market.

They are very reliable.

• Jet Pumps are self-priming. They are ideal for sucking water from a creek or dam.
• Variable speed pumps are a new technology which combines different types of water pumps with a variable speed motor. These pumps are a good option for the small and medium sized business.
• Submersible household pumps are pumps that are put in a well or bore hole. The idea is that they can be put in a well and bring water up to the house before distributing it through the house. They are also referred to as “well pumps.”

Which type of Ormeau Water Pump should I use?

A pressure switch and tank combination” is a further form of controller, which works to provide an automatic popular choice is the Automatic Constant Pressure Controller type, which cycles on and off depending on the need for water.

The “pressure system. This pump will not start until the water has been drained from the pressure tank. The pump will only start when the water in the tank is low and the pump will not run continuously but will only run when you need it.

Ormeau Water Pump Brands

There are multiple brands that claim to be the quality brands for domestic pumps. The major brands include Grundfos, Lowara, Davey, DAB, Ebara and Onga. These are the major brands that can be found in the major water pump suppliers in Australia. These retailers are the major brand retailers in Australia.

The company that manufactures GRUNDFOS pumps has been around for a long time. This means they have the experience and expertise to deliver high quality household pumps. Grundfos have a different philosophy to how they make their pumps.

They want their pumps to last a long time and they want them to be affordable. Their pumps are made with materials that are environmentally friendly. This means their pumps will be cheaper to operate over time and will therefore have a lower Life Cycle cost.

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