What Are Solar Water Pumps

solar water pumps

Solar water pumps harness the energy of the sun for their power source.

A solar water pump is made up of:

• Solar panels to power the water pump
• The water pump itself
• Some have an inverter or controller if DC or AC power is required
• A battery may be included, to provide a Back-Up source if it is cloudy.

The history of solar energy

The demand for solar water pumps is growing, especially in remote areas where power lines do not exist. They can deliver water where power lines cannot reach, they are not labour intensive and they do not require expensive fuel.

Solar water pumps are very useful at the moment because technology has improved to become cheaper and more efficient – at a time when petrol and electricity prices are increasing.

Agriculture and Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar powered pumps enable farmers to have a more sustainable farm. They allow farmers to manage the water they have in a safe and responsible manner.

This is important as it means the farmer will have longer growing seasons.

Solar Powered Irrigation

Solar powered water pumps can save a lot of work for you because they are far less labour intensive – enabling a larger area to be farmed.

You can make your life easier and save a lot of time and money by switching to solar powered irrigation.

From electricity to solar power

There are farms who do not have reliable electric connections. Installing a grid connection is expensive and may limit where you can place your pump. The benefits of solar pumps over electric pumps are not so clear if you have a convenient power source.

The benefits of a solar pump are that you don’t have to have a power supply and you can use a solar panel to power your pump.

From Petrol Driven Water Pumps to Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar power may be the best alternative for farmers who wish to have access to renewable energy at low costs. Solar pumps can be easily installed on a farm and may not require a large panel array.

However, one of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it is free and is not reliant on the rapidly increasing price of fossil fuels in 2022.

How do you choose the best solar power?

When investing in the future for your farm, you should consider many things. Here is a list of some things you should consider.

What is the depth of your water source?

If you need to get water from a depth of more than 7m/22ft, you will need submersible or floating water pumps (up to these limits, surface water pumps are fine).

How clean is the water that you get from your tap?

If your water source is dirty, gritty or sandy, you will need to ensure that your chosen water pump can cope with this to avoid costly maintenance.

Can you pump without danger of your water source running dry?

Pumps may be damaged if they run dry. Ensure you have a pump that can handle fluctuations in your water supply. You should also consider monitoring your water supply regularly.

How much water do you need per day?

You need to ensure your pump can handle the maximum water demand in the growing season. Also, as the water lift rises, the energy needed will be greater and this means a lower flow rate.

Maintenance For Your Water Pump

If you are thinking about buying a new water pump, you may want to know how much maintenance it will require. The amount of maintenance will vary depending on the pump you are looking to buy – check the Suppliers handbook before purchasing.

Prior to purchasing a water pump ensure you need to understand:

• Its suitability for the purpose for which you need it
• How to maintain it.
• Where you can get support and parts for your equipment.
• How much after-sales support is available and the warranty period.

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