Hazards that can occur when dealing with Slacks Creek Water Pumps

When undertaking any Slacks Creek water pump maintenance activity, ensure all the necessary Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) is worn and that there is sufficient expertise / supervision on hand.

Make sure all chemical data sheets of any fluids being pumped are checked before undertaking any work. A full risk assessment should be undertaken in advance.

Hazards you may encounter include:

Before doing anything – Ensure that the electricity supply is off.

The water pump may be pressurised, allowing steam and hot liquids to escape. Allow time to de-pressurise and open bolts slowly.

When the water pump and electricity are OFF, make sure that all water pipes have drained and that the external casing has cooled sufficiently before attempting to disconnect the water pump.

Static discharge. Always flush with conductive fluid and ensure the water pump is grounded. Static discharge is the build-up of electrons in a conductive material.

Manual Handling. Ensure that the correct lifting devices are used, and that manual handling is carried out in accordance with the safe work practices.

NEVER attempt any of the above whilst working on your own.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance will keep the pump running for longer, thereby saving you money.

It is a fact that downtime can be expensive. If you are running a business, downtime may have a negative impact on your bottom line and may irritate your clients.

The urgency of the situation may override more important things that need doing.

Our Top Tips For Dealing With Slacks Creek Water Pumps

Choosing to repair an existing pump is a key strategy to increase plant efficiencies and reduce downtime, as well as cutting costs.

Threads, in the case of bolts and screws, can loosen due to vibration and become disengaged. A thread sealant should be used to seal the thread in order to prevent it loosening.

Checklists can be useful in maintaining your equipment and machinery. You should always make sure that any machine has the necessary maintenance carried out before it fails.

Logs can reveal a pattern before failure occurs. This allows for better troubleshooting.

A maintenance schedule is a key part of managing your maintenance. It shows the frequency of checks and is usually based on factors such as the hours of operation, the duty cycle, the temperature, and the aggressiveness of the medium.

The easy way to deal with all of this is to call the Slacks Creek Water Pump Experts.

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