Why Choose Walker Environmental for Sunshine Coast Pump Repairs?

Aerial view of the beach shore, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

As a leading Water Pump Supplier for the Sunshine Coast, Walker Environmental is experienced in carrying out a full range of water pump services / repairs, from straightforward pump seal replacements to total pump rebuilds.

For many straightforward water pump repairs, we can carry out work at your workplace, and for more complex repairs, our modern workshop provides the resources to undertake more demanding applications and guarantee a first-class job.

Different to other water pump repair companies, we take pride in supplying a comprehensive turnkey solution for our clients. Our custom Sunshine Coast pump repair service looks after every facet of the repair, from low-pressure broken seals, to total pump overhauls and efficient removal and installation ability.

Every Sunshine Coast job is commissioned and then tested, complete with a warranty and fitted by engineering specialists with extensive experience.

What can Walker Environmental do for you?

• Water Pump repairs carried out onsite or in our specialist workshop

• Collection / delivery service, remove and install service

• Full machining service

• Emergency completion service for crucial breakdowns

• warranty on faulty workmanship

What part of the pump can we repair?

• Replace Mechanical Seals

• Impellers balanced or replaced

• Shafts replaced or re-sleeved

• Seal casings and housing replaced or re-sleeved

• Replace Bearings

• Bearing housings re profiled

• Motor rewinds and/or drying

• Obsolete parts manufactured

• Full cleaning service and repainting

• Decalcify

Choose your ideal Sunshine Coast Water Pump Maintenance Package

Walker Environmental maintenance packages provide a comprehensive service to prevent downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ensure your system is reliable year after year. Choose from our range of standard packages or contact us on 07 3805 5482 for more info.

Health Checks and Service Options:

On-site visual check of all pumps, including electrical components. We then report findings and make recommendations. Our crew have experience in carrying out repairs on-site, installing / commissioning from straightforward water pump seal replacement to electrical and control rectification.

Pinpointing the cause of the pump failure is fundamental to ensuring we recommend the most efficient option for repairing the pump or replacing it, resulting in removing continual failures.

Walker Environmental water pump repairs, installation and commissioning services provide fast results. Our specialist staff carry out on-site fault identification and diagnostic examination prior to installing, ensuring an enhanced water pump system is developed and delivered to provide lasting reliability.

We don’t just fix the problem, we always look for the core root of a pump or system failure. Our pump repair, installation and commissioning services deliver rapid results tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Our specialist installers undertake on-site fault-finding and diagnostic exercises prior to installation, ensuring an optimised pump system is built and delivered to provide long-term reliability.

Energy Savings:

We can assess all of your pump systems annually to find areas where you could potentially save energy. We offer complimentary energy-savings audits on your pumps and systems. Having been in the pump industry for many years, we know how to optimise pumps for energy savings.

Our installation process is built on efficiency, from ethical product sourcing and minimal wastage to providing rapid turnaround times and promising as little disruption to your business as possible. We’ll never install a pump system that doesn’t meet or exceed energy efficiency standards – that’s our promise.

Benefits of Walker Environmental Installation:

When you choose Walker Environmental, you get top class professionalism and minimal disruption to your business. We know how damaging downtime can be for every pump-operating business, that’s why we plan our installation programme around your operations.

Our expert team will determine the ideal time to undertake installation and consult with your teams prior to any work to understand the impact of downtime or disruption on both your staff and operations.

We’re conscious of others and ensure noise is kept to a minimum throughout any pump installation and we always leave the site exactly as we found it.