Yatala Water Pumps – Preventive Maintenance Issues

Preventive maintenance is vital for water pumps. It improves asset life, cuts repair costs and reduces downtime. It is important to have a maintenance checklist in place to keep your pump running at its best. Important things to consider are:

• Wear and tear from rubbing
• Amount of heat generated
• Problems with the discharge valve
• Clearance and alignment of shafts
• Discharge and suction pressures
• Mechanical seals
• Correct levels of bearing grease
• Any pipeline obstructions or restrictions
• Debris / dirt present
• An excessive amount of vibration.
• Clearance of the impeller
• Obstacles inside the pump
• Any loss of suction power
• Corrosion

Regular maintenance is a key part of ensuring that your water pump is running at its best in your area of Yatala. As part of your regular maintenance, you should consider what the manufacturer’s warranty is for the pump, as well as what the manufacturer’s standards are for the pump.

What To Look For During Preventive Maintenance

You need to know the different factors that are most detrimental to the pump’s health. By creating a guide to scheduled maintenance, you will be able to reduce your unplanned downtime and improve your standard of service.

Yatala Water Pump Maintenance Frequency Determination

Maintenance should be planned and scheduled accordingly, based on the type of pump you have. The manufacturer’s warranty and safety standards will also be considered in the maintenance schedule.

How To Keep Your Yatala Water Pump Running Smoothly – Daily Checks

As part of your preventive maintenance schedule you should include the following:
• Check for oil leaks
• Clean up any dirt
• Check for vibrations or noises
• Check for oil contamination
• Check your bearings
• Inspect self-flushing pumps
• Check the heat levels
• Clean the bearings.
• Check the cooling system

Having a daily checklist of things to check on your equipment is a great way to catch problems that you may not be aware of. These issues can turn into expensive repairs if not caught on time.

Yatala Water Pumps Maintenance – A Monthly Checklist

When you schedule your monthly maintenance, it is important to make sure you cover the following points in your checklist:

• Top-up oil, if necessary
• Remove dirt from the bearings
• Grease the bearings
• Check the oil level in the hydraulic governors
• Check for water damage or leaks
• Clean the pump

Checklist of Things to Do for Quarterly Maintenance

To keep a water pump in good working condition, you need to:
• Check the pump and motor for signs of damage
• Grease bearings (usually done every two thousand hours or every three
• Change the oil every 2,000 hours or every 3 months.
• Check suction
• Take your head pressure
• Make sure the bolts are tight.
• Check for shaft pump alignment

Pump maintenance is an essential component of your pump’s well-being. The pump will need to be checked and maintained to ensure proper performance. This will include changing the filter, inspecting the impeller and checking the suction line. You will need to take your pump’s maintenance schedule into consideration when planning your pump maintenance program.

Annual Maintenance Checklist – How To Keep Your Yatala Water Pump Running

Your annual water pump preventive maintenance plan should look at the operation of the pumps and the efficiency of the performance. This includes a record of the annual operations, a record of the pump performance and a record of the benchmarking data. This will help you to evaluate the pump performance.

1. Pump flow rate
2. Motor amps
3. Suction pressure
4. Pump vibration
5. Head pressure

Your checklist should include:

Important: Before you check your water pump, ensure you disconnect it from its power source
• Look for holes, cracks, debris and scaling on the outside of the pump.
• Look for blockages in the lubrication system
• Properly greased bearings
• Change the housings if required
• Check the stuffing box
• Analyse power usage
• Check the oil
• If the casing is corroded, you should replace it.
• Inspect pump thoroughly for defects
• Check impeller for wear – replace impeller if excessive wear is found
• Check the shaft for excessive wear
• Check the run-out of the shaft for wear
• Look at the mechanical seals
• Check the seal chamber for signs of pitting

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